Sunday, June 21, 2009

INE Vol 2 Lab 3

I completed this lab again and it only took about 4 hours. I'm shocked this lab has a difficulty of 8. The IP core is easy and the l3vpn core is a basic mutli-as option 1 configuration.

About the only difficult step of the entire lab is a multicast vpn task involving multiple mdt's. The problem with this task though is it is buggy as well and difficult to verify. I couldn't get things up even though my config seemed to match the solutions guide. So I'll deduct 5 points for that task, plus the testing task since my pings failed.

Final score 95/100

Now to be clear, I think the INE labs are great labs. I think for the most part they're well put together and cover the wide range of topics well. The problem is they're just too easy for the most part. I didn't remember very much of this lab from the last time I completed in in February, yet it wasn't nearly as complex as the IPX labs.

On to IPX lab 3 tomorrow. 4 days until the real thing.

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shef said...

I wish you luck!