Thursday, June 4, 2009

IPExpert SP Volume 3 Lab 3 Cont

I had no clue how to fix an untagged lfib issue. It turned out to be a problem with ospf advertising a different mask than what was configured for the interface. Due to this, the ospf neighbors had a label entry for the /32, but the host router did not have a local binding, since the /32 did not actually exist on the router. Closer inspection of the bindings on the ospf neighbors shows the remote bindings are actually for the neighbors, not for the host. Once OSPF advertised the correct mask, the LDP neighbor as able to associate the labels appropriately. -4

I also completely misunderstood what implicit withdraw did. -2

Got hung up for a bit on a export map because I needed to do a soft bgp reset to get the export map to take effect

Needed to match on EXP instead of Prec. I got hung up on whether or not I needed to do a QoS group, decided I didn't, and then didn't even think to still match on EXP.

Saw the ip identd command, but couldn't find it in the QoS reference so I didn't feel good about enabling it. Turns out this should have been more in Security than QoS. The command was located in that section.

High Availability:
No issues

No issues

Lab 3 complete, 84%. Ok, now we're getting down to business. This lab was much more in the style of what I'd expect to run into. The core was still a bit on the simplistic side, but the nobs and tricky questions are definitely getting up to speed.

All in all I feel pretty good about this one. A couple of small mistakes but the only real show stopper was the missing mpls tags due to the ospf loopback address.

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