Wednesday, June 3, 2009

IPExpert SP Volume 3 Lab 3

My work schedule changed a little bit so it was no longer convenient to rent rack time at proctor labs for the IP Expert labs. I had things going on the new IP Expert dynamips topology, but for some reason I just couldn't get dot1q trunking to work. I finally reverted to an older 3640 IP Expert topology, which seems to be working better.

Here we go with Lab 3

Layer 2 - No issues

IGP - No issues. Strangely, IGP seems to be getting more into R&S territory than what I'd expect to see on the SP lab.

-3 for confusing deterministic med and always compare med...AGAIN!!!
I also skipped task 1.4 for now since it can't be verified until a later section

-3 for confusing multicast boundary with ip igmp access-group

Halfway done with this lab. While the architecture isn't much more difficult, the wording is getting tricker and more vague, which is great in preparing for the real thing.

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