Friday, June 19, 2009

IPX Vol 2 Lab 2

Lan and Wan:
PPP address assignment: peer default address
-1 VTP Transparent saves the vlan information in the config
-1 load-interval controls collection rate (drew a blank on this one...I typically know it)

-3 advertise passive-only to only advertise isis passive interfaces in IS-IS
-3 lsp-mtu changes the lsp size. I can't believe I couldn't find this one, it was right in front of me.

-3 forgot maximum-paths ibgp

No issues

-4 ip multicast multipath allows for load splitting in multicast

No issues!!! This one was only inter-as option 2, so it wasn't so bad. I ran into a small issue becuase my next-hop-self's weren't set. But once I got that fixed, there wasn't a problem. The thing to keep in mind about option 2 is there are 3 separate mpls domains:
1 2 3

MPLS labels must be flooded across the entire domain, so send-lables or ldp must be running between AS1P and AS2P.

But unlike Option 3, in Option 2 AS1P and AS2P DO understand the VPN label. So the top label can be popped and a lookup on the vpn label can occur. Therefore, there are actually more lookups on the VPN label, but this greatly simplifies configuration (for me anyway!).

Multicast VPN:
No issues

-2 I'm using Dynamips and the first task is 3550 specific. I probably would have missed the second subtask, so I'm taking off for it.

IOS Services:
-2 missed the snmp ifmib ifalias long knob

Total Score: 81/100 Passed! (Barely)

Strangely, this lab was much easier than the first one. There really weren't too many "gotcha's" here and the vpn and multicast configs were rather painless.

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nwachonky said...

always no issue, hope you pass this time around, wishing you all the best