Tuesday, June 23, 2009

IPX Vol 2 Lab 3

No issues

I had to look up the syntax for one of the PPPoE tasks. I always seem to forget the pppoe-client command on the client end. I'll do "pppoe ?" and since I space through the hyphen I don't see it.
I also ran into an issue with getting the dhcp lease to take. I needed to use the "peer default ip address dhcp-pool" command and also need to stop transposing numbers in ip addresses!
Regardless, I got all this figured out without looking at the answers, so there's no deduction. I can't help it, I still get a smile on my face when PPPoE comes up.

I misunderstood a couple of the requirements, which I'm not taking off for because a proctor would have been able to clarify. I also didn't know the bandwidth for STM-4 off the top of my head, nor did I have any idea where this would be on the doccd. I'm not taking off for that either because that doesn't seem like a likely lab question.

-4 to disable mospf, the command is "ignore lsa mospf".

Wow, what a pain this lab is! Nothing terribly difficult, just a lot of little things to keep you on top of your game. Overwritten communities, default configs that break stuff, requriements mentioned early on that you have to remember for later tasks, recursive routing, and interesting "features" making you do stuff the hard way.

-3 confused fast-external-fallover with graceful restart (AGAIN!!!)

-3 missed mpls ldp discovery targeted-hello accept from X

-8 Ok, this lab was fair until this step. Every time I think I'm getting more comfortable with MSDP and bgp ipv4 multicast, these labs throw a curve ball at me. And this was one serious curve ball. A total of 8 points wrapped up in a convoluted community passing, route-map next-hop adjusting, and filtering bgp ipv4 multicast domain for controlling mRPF checks. What a mess. I had it 90% of the way, but no partial credit is given. I would be SHOCKED to see something this messy on the lab...

No issues. I went with option 2, but the solutions guide used option 3. Either way seemed to meet the requirements, but I typically have better luck with option 2.

Security, QoS, and IOS (Reviewing):
-3 I probably would have missed some of the flow-export knobs

Total score: 79/100. Of that, 8 points was due to a rediculous multicast requirement. Even if something was that bad on the lab, I'd expect it to be 3 points and not 8. Other than that, this lab mainly focused on IGP and BGP, with a lot of flexibility given on the VPN setup. It was LONG, but really not too bad. The troubleshooting due to bad initial configs was great practice as well.

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