Saturday, June 27, 2009

Next Attempt Scheduled

I went ahead and schedule my 3rd attempt for August 21st. My plan in the meantime is as follows:

Step 1: Read a novel to get some relaxation in. I picked up Snow Crash from Borders today.

Step 2: Read MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS. I used a soft copy of this book as a resource for CCIP and the written and found it really helpful. I'm going to pick up a hard copy and read it from cover to cover this time.

Step 3: I might redo one or two vendor labs, but for the most part I want to break away from hard core labbing and do more experimentation. Try putting together interesting architectures on paper and see if I can make them work.

Step 3.5: Pray that core questions don't come out by August 21st.

Step 4: Pass the lab :)


metoo said...

Snow crash is a cool book, fast and light. You made a good choice.

Vignesh said...

All the best Ed. I hope you will utilize most of the timings till Aug 21st to learn the topics that you missed marks last time and also some 5 labs to ensure that you are on the track. Just my thoughts.