Saturday, June 27, 2009


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your comments. I'll tell you what, when I undertook this journey 9 months ago I was under the impression that the SP lab wouldn't be a big deal. After 2 attempts I'd say that this is much harder than the R&S lab.

To answer some of the prep questions, after doing all of the INE labs and many of the IPX labs, I'd say both are great resources but neither are enough to pass the lab. I can't really get into why too much, but in general I'd say about 30 points on the my last attempt were either based on, or required by, items that weren't coverd by any of the labs I've completed thus far.

Also, while I haven't talked about it much, I have reviewed some of the SP mini scenarios as well. They do a great job covering some of the topics that aren't covered in the other labs.

For any of the vendors out there who might be reading, there's something that I would really LOVE to see in a product. Put together 10 labs based on the same core. Have the same BGP, IS-IS, and OSPF domains and areas preconfigured. Load the configs and start from there. Maybe even make lab 1 building the core. Then make lab 2 an option 1 inter-as vpn, lab 3 an option 2, and lab 4 and option 5. On the lab 5 labs throw in different complexities such as internet access and CSC, on top of the cores. Just my thoughts...

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