Friday, June 26, 2009

Waiting Game

Well, I gave it my best shot. Things really started out great. I got stuck in the beginning for about 10 minutes on a trivial task, which seems to happen a lot as I'm getting rid of my morning jitters. After that, I was flying through the exam. By lunch I counted up 67 points and figured I'd have this thing nailed.

Unfortunately after lunch things got a lot tougher. Some things I didn't really know how to do, and others just didn't want to seem to work. And as they love to do, those two tasks that I was stuck on had another 9 points depending on them. So I had little choice but to work around it. I did consider a workaround, but it would have been tough. When I already have 67 points in the lab, I'm so hesitant to add duct tape and risk losing points elsewhere.

So by time I made my first pass, I counted 87 points and had an hour left. I was feeling pretty good because I think a rule of thumb is to expect to lose 6 of your "sure thing" points. But then I went through verification and one of my 3 point tasks was broken. I only had 30 minutes so I crossed my fingers and did a few reboots. Fortunately everything came back up. Unfortunately, my 3 points didn't come back.

I was left with 84 points, that I felt pretty good about. Not a lot of room to spare.

So at this point I'm figured I didn't pass. If I did it'll be a pleasant surprise, but I'm planning for the worst.

The shame is if I could have got that one task to work, I would have easily collected another 5 points after and would most likely be celebrating tonight.

Stay tuned for the results...

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Ahenning said...

-6 "sure thing" -3 "sure thing discovered" = -3 "sure thing" points. Still a chance, hope it turns out for the best.