Friday, August 21, 2009

The Waiting Game

Had the lab again today. It was fair and about 50% of it was pretty simple. My progress was almost identical to last time. I had about 60% by lunch and just had to eek out another 20% to pass.

Yet again, as soon as I get back from lunch, I get stuck. I give it an hour and decide to give up the 6 points. I'm now at home researching and I think I found out why I got stuck. And it's ridiculously stupid. I'm pretty sure I needed those 6 points too. Ugh...

So my best possible score is 85%. This includes 3 points I nearly missed but got back during verification, and 3 points I completed with literally 2 minutes to spare.

Of the 15 points I know I missed:
6 points were pure stupidity...
3 points I had no idea how to do and didn't want to muck of my core by messing with it
3 points I looked up in the doccd, and it was such a mess I chose not to mess with it
3 points I knew wasn't a strong point of mine so I chose to spend more time on other issues

So really, I'm not too concerned about 9 of the points I left on the table. And if I got the other 6 points, I would have had more time to go after those 9.

So it's all basically going to come down to how solid my vpn setup is. I have my fingers crossed.

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