Sunday, November 8, 2009

INE Bootcamp Lab 2 Complete

This lab wasn't too bad either. I did run into a few issues this time though. A few things I just need to pound into my head.

1. is-is knobs
2. vrf nat requires the global keyword on the ip route vrf
3. for mdt, make sure all of the intermediate interfaces have pim enabled
4. Peak rate vs average rate

I'd put my score as follows:
Layer 2: 7/7
IGP: 17/23
BGP: 7/7
MPLS: 14/14
VPN: 12/16
Multicast: 4/11
QoS: 3/6
Security: 6/6
Management: 7/7
IP Services: 3/3
Total: 80/100


kraizeefu said...

Thanks for this blog and best of luck on the exam!

Yang said...

Lab 3 is going to be brutal!

When I do the lab 2 I can't figure out the NATpart. According to solution R7 will need to use R8 to get out. Does it violate the previous task, i.e. via MPLS cloud?