Friday, November 27, 2009

INE Vol 1 labs underway

Over Thanksgiving I did 9 or 10 of INE's vol 1 labs. It's quite nice to have such a small topology for a change. My laptop has no problems running 3 routers and a Pix in Dynamips/pemu, which is plenty of devices for the first part of vol 1. With the SP laps I needed another dedicated box to get all 12 routers running smoothly.

I haven't really touched any security devices in a year and a half, although I did spend several years with Pix/ASAs, 3000 series vpn concentrators/clients, IDS, etc. For the most part Vol 1 is encompassing getting back in the groove on the old equipment, and is showing me how to do the CCIE level configs on these devices.

I'm really not in a rush at all. If I get Vol 1 done by the end of the year I'd be pretty happy with my progress.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please post link to the .net file for vol I labs?