Thursday, November 12, 2009

Waiting Again

Here we go again, I'm waiting for the score to post.

This time, I had an estimated 77 points before lunch, and had the entire lab completed in 5 hours. My max score was 97%. I went through a very detailed verification and found 9 points that I made stupid mistakes on--basically not reading the requirements properly.

I did run into one situation where I decided to proceed with one method instead of the other. On the drive home it occurred to me a possibility I didn't test for that might have required the other method. The most I could see that costing me is 6 points.

Also, there were another 6 points that I was pretty sure about, but may have been open to interpretation.

So, the absolute worst score I can see myself getting is 85%. This is a lot like when I passed the R&S lab. I better have passed this time!


Anonymous said...

Ive been following you for a while..I admire you resilience ..Good luck, though I'm sure you got it this time!

ccieo8 said...