Friday, July 16, 2010

Maybe a different direction...

I keep trying to steer myself toward Security, and I can never seem to get motivated to start working on it.

The bottom line is my current role has little to do with security. I'm primarily working with service provider technologies. Little did I know just how much the SP CCIE would help me. I'm ahead of the curve now on mpls and the time and effort I put into the lab has already paid off nicely.

So, the more I think about it, combined with my current lack of motivation to get going in Security, tells me it's time to switch to another track. The new SP Operations ccie should be right up my alley. I'm sure there will be a lot of carry over from R&S and SP, and I have a bunch of NGN experience as well.

The big issue with SPO is there is practically NO training material for it yet. So I'll be running with this one almost completely on my own--at least until the training providers catch up.

So that being said, I'm going all the way down to the associate level and am beginning to study for CCNA-SPO.


Micah said...

Best of luck! I think its a (new) logical path to obtaining the triple.

Viki said...


Voice seems to be the most wanted and emerging technology nowadays. Did you get any chance to speak with anyone who is CCIE Voice certified. Instead of going narrow if CCIE voice is added to your career it will be of widened profile. Just my thoughts.

Ed said...

Thanks for your comments. I do know folks in voice and in general I believe it's probably the most lucrative ccie right now. I'm just at the point in my career where I'm going to specialize in one particular area. Since I'm currently working with service providers, SPO just makes too much sense.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea based on the requirements what good equipment would be for the CCNP-SP?

I have most of a home lab built for the CCNP, lacking just a 3550 switch and an access server.

I think I have:

2x 2620xm routers maxed
3x 2950 switches
2x 2610 routers
1x Pix 501

I work for a service provider, mainly in Cell Tower Backhaul, and Metro area circuits, but will be having added Regional Transport network responsibilities soon as well.

Ed said...

Regarding the lab, I built my own lab for RS but near the end switched to online labs just because I got tired of wasting valuable study time on physical layer stuff. Plus I found having the study reservation helped to schedule my time.

But for the SP, you can actually do the full lab in Dynamips. All you need is a computer (pc or linux) with about 4gb of ram and a 2 core processor.

If you really wanted equipment, you don't need the pix at all. This link shows the hardware and ios currently used on the exam: