Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chicago Marathon

I finished the Chicago Marathon over the weekend with a time of 4:29. Not quite as fast as I had hoped, but it's still a personal best, and also a best half marathon time of 1:56.

I've also now reached my original goal weight of 155. So I'm finally at my correct weight, at least by BMI standards.

Down to a somewhat loose size 30 jeans (from a snug 36) and medium size shirt (from XL).

Even with as thrilled as I am with all of that, still nowhere close to seeing any sign of abs. My bodyfat is still 22% and from what I've researched I need to have it down to around 10%. That equates to having to lose 12% fat at 155 pounds, or 18 pounds of fat.

So I'm going to try to lose another 10 pounds.

Next up, I'm going back from long slow running to short fast running. My current 5k best is 22:06 and I'd like to see if I can get that down to 19:59 by the end of the year.


My Daily Notes said...

Congratulations! It's a touching and aspiring story. Are you still considering to go for another CCIE track in the near future?

Ed said...

My motivation has been lacking. I've been torn between the Security and SP-Operations tracks. I have a background in Security and there's lots of great training, but it has very little to do with my current role. On the other hand, SP Operations pretty much IS my current role, but there aren't a lot of materials on it.

I've bombed the MSPVM exam a couple of times. It's pretty nasty. I may forget the CCNP level cert and just start attacking the CCIE written. But then again I got really hung up on the CCIP BGP+MPLS exam as well and think I learned a heck of a lot being persistent with it. Back then I had a very weak understanding of MPLS, though. For MSPVM I feel I have a pretty solid understanding of mpls and vpns, but am just missing some of the "book smart" material to get through the exam.